If you have an interest rate above 5%, refinancing may be make financial sense to save you money especially while interest rates are still low.  Your monthly mortgage payment could be lowered in a significant way depending on your credit worthiness.  A call to Multiline Mortgage could save you money.  Our consultations are free.

Do you have an Adjustable Rate Mortgage?  You must take advantage of a refinance to a fixed rate while rates are low.  This is the time to get your mortgage on the right path to stability.  Don’t let your mortgage put you in an upside down position.  We can help.

Do you want to remodel your home, buy a car or make another large purchase?  Refinancing your mortgage to take some of the equity out of your home may work the best in terms of the least money spent.

Why take out another loan and pay interest for the purpose of remodeling?  The equity in your house is your money that could be used to make you more money.  Remodeling will add value, or equity, to your house.  Through your refinanced mortgage payment, you would pay back the money you borrowed against your equity.  Depending on your credit score and credit worthiness, you may even get a better interest rate and pay little in closing costs.  Calling Multiline Mortgage to check out the possibility will cost you nothing!  All consultations are free.

Do you want that new car but don’t want the new car payment?  Your mortgage, if you have one, should be at 4% or lower depending on your credit worthiness.  By doing a cash out refinance of your home mortgage, you could buy your automobile and pay less in interest than using a traditional car loan and you would pay back the equity you borrowed from your home.  Your money working for you.