To apply for mortgage loan, call Multiline Mortgage at (941) 201-9111.  Talk to a qualified loan officer who can take your application over the phone rather than send you a complicated form that can be frustrating to fill out for those who don’t do it everyday.

The standards documents needed for just about every loan are as follows:

  1.    Legible copy of driver’s license and Social Security Card OR a passport.
  2.    Two most recent years of W2 forms and 1040 tax returns – all pages including blanks.
  3.    One most recent month of pay stubs.
  4.    Two most recent months of bank and asset statements that report monthly – all pages including blanks.
  5.    Most recent quarterly statement for asset accounts that report monthly – all pages including blanks.
  6.    Name and contact of the Home Owner’s Insurance company that you want to use to insure the home.

There are variations to the documents required and we’ll help you through the process.  Call us any time.  We’re happy to answer your questions.