Joseph T. Powers, Founder                                                         1940 – 2019


A message from our Founder, Joseph T. Powers


Multiline Mortgage Services has never had a customer complaint!

Our Founder, Joseph T. Powers, passed away February 10, 2019.  He was 78 years old.

Joe was born in New Jersey and grew up in Southern California with a view of the famous Hollywood sign.  After his service in the Navy, Joe took classes at Los Angeles City College.  His ambition was to become an attorney but life pointed him in a different direction.  He owned several night clubs in the 60’s and 70’s including his favorite in San Francisco.  He also managed several area bands and was married for a time to Meri Wilson who had a hit with “Telephone Man” in 1977.  The stories of that era are priceless.

In the 80’s, Joe opened an insurance company in Georgia.  Later, he added the mortgage business and it became Multiline Mortgage Services, Inc.  He loved making a connection and a positive experience for people.  He eventually dropped the insurance side of the business to concentrate full time on mortgages.

Joe was also proficient in the exquisite art of Muay Thai.  At 70 years old, he went 15 rounds to victory. He not only trained his many fighters, he counseled them on life and helped to focus their passions in a positive direction.  He loved his fighters without abandon.  He also loved his babies, Zeus and Zoe, a Doberman and Weimaraner respectively.  If you ever talked to Joe on the phone, the pups were ever present in the background.

There are countless people that Joe counseled, sponsored and/or helped over the years.  He had great compassion for people.  His tough persona, deep commanding voice, and sheer presence could be intimidating like his beloved Doberman.  But also like his Doberman, Joe was very sweet, gentle, and shy.  Joe would go to the ends of the earth to help someone in need and was laser focused when it came to resolving issues whether it be for a mortgage or for a person who needed help.  Joe was a true inspiration.

This is but a short snapshot of a man who deserves so much more.  This is a loss that was unexpected and profoundly sad for us at Multiline Mortgage Services.  The business will continue under the leadership of Patti LeVan who Joe entrusted to carry on his legacy.  Joe will forever be present and we will carry on his passion of helping people make their dreams come true.