Foreclosure and First-Time Buyer Expert

Patti J. LeVan is the managing broker for Multiline Mortgage.  Joe Powers began helping people find the right mortgage over 25 years ago and we’ve working hard to continue his legacy.  We are experienced in helping clients get deals done and loans through the banking industry’s regulatory maze that exists today. Some of the main reasons why clients continue to come back to work with Multiline Mortgage is because we give you direct answers, effective strategies and advice on how to work in today’s challenging financial market.

Multiline Mortgage was founded by Joe Powers with one goal in mind:  PROVIDE THE BEST PERSONALIZED SERVICE AVAILABLE ANYWHERE.  We’ve stayed true to that mission and continue to receive repeat business and referrals.

Here are several reasons why you should consider working with Multiline Mortgage instead a big bank:

  1. Loan Professionals at Multiline Mortgage are licensed with NMLS. Loan officers with banks are not required to complete the same level of training, testing, and licensing. We work within NMLS professional guidelines, and we know creative ways to quickly get you to the closing table.
  2. We understand the investor. Making the wrong choices can cost you thousands.  Take advantage of our resources to get your questions answered quickly and correctly.
  3. Multiline Mortgage has relationships with several national and regional banks. We can provide the best option for your specific needs and requirements through our relationships with national wholesale lenders.  Not every bank provides the options that make the most sense for your specific needs.
  4. Multiline Mortgage can provide you with a choice of either a LENDER or CONSUMER paid option for paying your closing costs. Consumer Paid closing costs can give you the ability to save a significant amount of money on your loan compared to Lender paid closing cost scenario. Long story short, this is a new change in the lending law that took affect April 1st, 2011, and it was designed to level the playing field for the consumer. The reality is that created an opportunity for the big banks to make the loan transaction more confusing and profitable.
  5. We offer our expertise with 1st Time Purchases, Short Sales, Foreclosures, Investor Purchases and Refinancing. We can help you with a loan for your Primary Residence, Second Home and/or Investment Properties. Call today for unmatched personalized service that only an independent mortgage broker can provide.