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Multiline Mortgage has originated over 200 million dollars in loans of all sizes and types since incorporating in 1989.  We have strategic relationships with multiple wholesale lenders throughout the country and we understand which lender is the best choice for your loan depending upon your unique needs. Some lenders have easier requirements, but they have higher rates. Other lenders have loan options that are unique for foreign nationals or credit challenged borrowers, but they might not be as competitive for rates. Once we understand your borrowing needs and goals, we will create a loan strategy for the highest likelihood of success – you getting your loan underwritten.

Accuracy and Understanding

The loan originating process is more complex than it has ever been. Getting the right forms filled out correctly with the right amount of supporting documentation that answers the lender’s underwriting questions, but not creating new questions, is an art. We know how to present each client’s situation and create the best loan package. We only submit your loan to the best lender for your needs. Most importantly, we help you understand the advantages of the options that we present for your consideration. We want you to understand our recommendations, and we become partners in the process of getting your loan.


Multiline Mortgage has relationships with several national and regional lenders, and we can provide the best option for your specific needs and requirements.  The Financial Markets have changed dramatically, and the industry continues to rollout mandated restrictions and requirement. Get a personalized level of service and knowledge that you would not receive from a national bank. Call Multiline Mortgage today to learn more.