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Welcome to 2019!  We are very excited for the new year and the new opportunities to offer our clients.  In the last year, we have forged new relationships with lenders like Penny Mac and HomeBridge Financial and strengthened relationships with our long term partners such as United Wholesale Mortgage and Quicken Loans.  We have diligently researched the wholesale market to align ourselves with lending partners that will provide advantages to our clients.  Our relationships also give us the opportunity to provide services to those clients with unique financial positions through programs designed especially for them.  Call us today for a quote.  Let’s see how we can help!

Thank you for checking out our site!  I hope you found answers to a few of your mortgage questions.  Every borrower has a unique financial footprint and it would be impossible to anticipate each question.  Call us for answers.  Since 1989, Multiline has been educating clients and guiding them through the lending maze.

Mortgages can seem complicated and many times people will not know the questions to ask.  That’s okay.  We’ll ask you the questions and lead you through the process.  Once you get going, your questions will start coming.  We’ll be there to answer your questions from your first phone call until the day your loan is funded.  It’s what we do.